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Vision BORED?!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

You know you need stellar entertainment, but don't know where to start. Believe it or not, this world has more to offer than cheesy, boring DJs and dated variety bands. What if there was someone who could design the perfect musical experience for you?

Whether you're searching for exclusive and unique musical talent, or just need sheer inspiration for a captivating event, we've got your back. Now is not the time to lose faith, my darlings. Your dream entertainment awaits. Pour yourself some champagne, and let's get started!

The Consultation

Our musical experts will schedule a 30-minute session with you to tease out all your wildest entertainment desires. Dream big! Our specialty is putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together based on your answers to a few guiding questions. From there, we can send you a personalized proposal of our services, with some different options to fit your budget.

Vision BOARD

(Phew! That's better)

Our team will design a customized vision board tailored to your, Based on your initial consultation, you will receive a personalized board free of charge. We want to shepherd you to your ultimate party experience. Please take this gift with you on your journey!


Upon booking our services, you will receive access to your own online music portal. Although it's not a real portal, it will transport you to your own musical expert who will hold your hand through the planning process from day one. Maybe you already got a head start by creating your own Spotify or Apple Music list. We would love to work on them with you! Sharing is caring, after all. :)


(Does that word sound less scary now?)

It's showtime! At this point, we have our team of musicians, AV crew, production staff, and coordinators ready to kick off the night with a bang. We've accounted for every nitty-gritty detail down to the tiniest grain of glitter. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Post-Party GLOW!

Bask in the PPG. Ice your hands from all the high-fives you'll receive after throwing the party of the century. Don't forget to send us pictures and tag the VA crew on The Gram. Keep us in mind for any crazy future celebrations you have cooking up in that creative brain of yours. Let's do this again soon, yes?


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