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Featured Artists 

We've explored the world to discover unique talent just for you. 


Select your desired artist for an intimate solo performance, or allow our creative team to build a small band around them.


DJs and live musicians in perfect harmony! Our creative team will work with you to choose 1-4 musicians to join the DJ for one epic dance party.

Image by Martin Robles

Jam out with our lively jazz combos, string quartets, and unique cocktail hour ensembles. 


Create a seamless flow to your event, and set fire to the dance floor with one of our exclusive, and experienced DJ/MCs.  


Whether you love Rock, Funk, Soul, R&B, or Bluegrass, discover your new favorite band, and bring them to the party! 


Design a fully immersive experience with flow artists, vintage acts, and other unique talent to enhance your soiree. 

Concert Crowd

Production + Lighting

Ask our team about our custom vignettes, complete with an upgraded light show, staging, CO2 canons, LED screens, and more. 

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